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Solaire®: Built-In Gas Grills

Everything You Need to Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Solaire Infrared Gas Grill


A major part of the Outdoor Room is the Outdoor Kitchen, and Solaire® has the grills and components you need to make your grilling area functional, fashionable, and the envy of your friends and family. You don’t have to limit yourself to burgers and hot dogs anymore. Solaire grills are so versatile that you can cook steaks, shellfish, vegetables and even fruit with ease…. and in only a few minutes’ time! Cook time is cut in half with a Solaire grill, so you can showcase your culinary skills and still leave plenty of time to mingle with friends. One thing is certain though, whatever the occasion is, your guests will be raving about how good the food was, long after the party is over.

When it comes to grilling, our customers take it very seriously. And so do we. Solaire Infrared Grills are designed to meet the needs of individuals who have exquisite taste (and taste buds) and know the difference between truly delicious and memorable food and won’t settle for “ordinary.” Because of this, they want their grill to bring forth the best flavors possible while still being easy to use and not overly complex. Solaire’s built-in gas grills are everything that a serious, and even professional griller could ever want.


There are numerous options available to create a truly customized grilling area: Infrared and InfraVection® grills; side burners; rotisseries; doors; drawers; trash pullouts; paper towel holders; refrigeration units; and accessories such as griddle, steamer/fryer, and wood chip smoker are all available to enhance your grilling experience and to impress your family and friends.


All of our Solaire grills are made as built-in gas grills that have the versatility to be placed onto a cart pedestal or post (options varies by size) if later desired. The grill is placed inside the cut-out and is self-supporting on the sides and back (no shelf underneath is needed nor desired) and is self-trimming on all sides (no trim plates are needed). Select your grill size below and build your grilling island with the cut-outs specified for the grills and accessories you desire. For islands made from combustible material (such as wood or plastic), you will need to install the grill in an insulated jacket, and make your cutout to fit the insulated jacket.

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21″ Solaire® Infrared Grill

27″ Solaire® Infrared Grill

30″ Solaire® Infrared Grill

36″ Solaire® Infrared Grill

42″ Solaire® Infrared Grill

56″ Solaire® Infrared Grill

15″ Solaire Infrared Accent Grill

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